The late Andrew Piper worked for the BBC World Service from the 1960s to the 1990s.
I have acquired various reel to reel tapes from Andrew and have been busy converting them all to mp3.
The more amusing ones are usually at the top of each section. Please do have a listen....

Waveguide with Meryl O'Keefe featuring Andrew Piper Xmas 1983

Write On From Malice In Blunderland Bush House Xmas Panto Andrew Piper Paddy Feeney 171295

Waveguide with John Wing featuring Andrew Piper 011283

Waveguide with John Wing featuring Andrew Piper and EDXC 260583

Waveguide with Meryl O'Keefe featuring Andrew Piper 050985

Waveguide featuring Andrew Piper reel 5R50V772

Waveguide featuring Andrew Piper reel 5R50V751

Waveguide featuring Andrew Piper reel 5R50V774

News Headlines read by Andrew Piper

Andrew Piper links for Radio 5 contribution

Andrew Ident and Bow Bells

Andrew interviewing Alfred and Hubert Keeble-Oystermen of Paglesham 011070

Andrew interviewing Maurice Daly Canewdon 011070

Andrew interviewing Sam Younger for Write On 1996

Andrew interviewing Thanat Khoman on Association of South East Asian Nations 180974

Andrew interviewing Yehudi Menuhin 190777

Andrew introducing HRH Duke Of Edinburgh Re Thailand Relay 1996

Andrew Piper interviewed about Greenwich Time Signal for Voice of America Gene Reich programme 291185

Andrew Piper introducing Desktop Radio in newsroom-part of test transmissions Apr 1993

Andrew Piper's interview at the 1971 Ideal Home Exhibition

Andrew's Canewdon interview with Jack Taylor 01 10 70 Sweyne Court Rayleigh

Andrew's Canewdon interview with Mrs Dobson 011070 Rev Kelly Canewden Church

Andrew's Paglesham interview with Miss Zillah Harris 290970 Chase Cottage East End

Lady Elles interviewed by Andrew Piper

London Buses Andrew Piper interviewing Mr Staines

Olivia Manning interviewed by Andrew Piper

Peter Gilmore interviewed by Andrew Piper

Waveguide featuring Stanley Unwin 1982

Stanley Unwin and Brian Empringham offcuts for Waveguide xmas 1983

Stanley Unwin pieces for xmas 1983

Waveguide Lawrence Reeve-Jones pees on the aerial 070385

Waveguide with Brian Ashen 1981

Waveguide with Cathy Stewart and John Wilson 130286

Announcers Song John Wing from 50 Not Out-Gordon Clyde

Bush House montage

Dancing with your balls

Gordon Clyde on BBC initials

Interview Examples BandaDouglasBrown CentenariunAlfredCrunwell NoelCoward MontyDouglasWillis Reith JensArupCasperWade RobinDay Alcoholic AustineLuke

Murray Nichol corpses on African Papers lion dung

Peter Woods under the influence BBC2

Radio Derbys old folks programme-problem of interviewing the elderly

The Old House of Bush from 50 Not Out

Announcer Off Cuts

Edited news sequence-...and thats the end of Roger Collinge

Roger Collinge News 0100 GMT 311182

World Service sequence with intrusive Lilli etc-Laurence Reeve-Jones 190181

News ident Diane Kerry and Laurence Reeve-Jones

Lawrence Reeve-Jones last news bulletin Jan 1994

Lilliburlero spoof for xmas Waveguide 1982

50th Anniversary Lilliburlero David Cox Overture London Calling followed by Off to the Derby by M Hayes 200586

Brian Empringham Golden Jubilee Lilliburlero

David Cox Signature tune tape TLN10 BQ741 including Lilliburlero etc


Lilliburlero 7 electronic versions

Lilliburlero marching band version

Sounds of World Service Lillibulero Big Ben Greenwich Time Signal Elizabeth Francis 1988

Omnibus signature tune 8 versions

Oranges and Lemons orchestral

Oranges and Lemons xylophone

Suggested idents

Tape sent to Eddie King 280788 Signature Tunes Latin American Service

648 Jingle M Kaye etc

648 1030 GMT Junction

African News Signature Tune 55

Meridian signature tune

Network UK signature tune

The World Today Signature Tune

Logging Recorder World Today Signature 0915

Signature tunes SRU Radio Newsreel Language Service Opening Announcements World Today Network UK Meridian Omnibus New Ideas Discovery

500th Anniversary edition of WS Radio Club 1977 Funny Radio Newsreel

Radio Newsreel Phillip Jones in context-Beware of 2 track tape

Radio Newsreel signature tune master Philip Jones Ensemble

Radio Newsreel theme spoof version

Imperial Echoes interview with Ian Gillham Radio 4 Today 1979

World Service News Reel idents

End of Newsreel Jasper Britton and intro to Focus K Mensah 311088

Last Radio Newsreel 1500 GMT 281088

Jack Thomosons Newsreel Mrs Thatchers Resignation 221190

24 Hours slip-up

Album Time Gloria Hunniford false start 200784

24 hour strike 2300 GMT no news 060885

24 Hours promo-The freelance presenters versus the announcers-debate over clarity of presentation

Announcement of the death of Sir Winston Churchill on green 0900 240165

Bath Inserts

Big Ben Full Strike of 12

Bow Bells and Falklands service announcement

By Whom To Whom and Why-International Assignment on Bush House Radio 4 Nov 1981

Can You Hear Me off-air recording April 1983

Canadian University station relays World Service News

Closing of 200 Oxford Street

Did You See on Hang On Ill Just Speak to the World Maria Couto Margaret Maden and Derek Malcolm

Do You Know Programme 1 070385

Do You Know Programme 2 140385

Douglas Morgan Working in Control Room recorded for Charmian Sansom Early Morning Music show 310844

Extract from The Radio Programme Radio 4 Billie Whitelaw on World Service

Extracts from Harry Secombe-Gordon Clyde programme for Dont Miss by Pippa H

Falkland Newsflash John Notts statement

Falklands newsflash HMS Sheffield hit interupting 24Hours

Falklands newsflashes recorded at Cyprus 04 05 82

Feedback Radio 4 130287 World Service News on Radio 3 Chris Dunkley J Tusa

French announcement on 648kHz

Front Line Family written and produced by Alan Melville Episode 41 130641 Episode 59 040741

Greenwich Time Signal

Hello Tomorrow BBC Topical Tapes Oct 73

Heysel Stadium Aftermath Coverage 290585

Interpetations on Record Derek Cook-Strauss part 1

Interpetations on Record Derek Cook-Strauss part 2

Jonathan Izard introducing Queens Gulf War Message and news read by Murray Holgate 240291

Jubilee news sequence recorded at Kranji

Julian Badden intoducing Beethovens 9th

LBC Bush House programme part1

LBC Bush House programme part2

Letterbox Margaret Howard 070386

Look Ahead 210185

Look Ahead Mel Oxley 160186

Misc News Sandy Walsh Murray Nichol Steven McDonald Frederick Payne Marion Marshall Tudor Lomas 24 Hours

Moonlight Kingdom Brian Benabo interview on BBC Radio London

Newshour promo Nick Worrall

Newshour signature tune and promo

Olympic Action Radio promo Bob Jubbin Dec 1989

Olympic Action Radio promo Julian Potter Dec 1989

Outlook feature on World Service presentation

Paddy Feenys last ever Write On 250196

Pamela Creighton opening announcements for special Falklands transmission

Pamela Creighton with intro for Falklands Special

Royal Wedding trail Andrew and Sarah

Strike Announcements

STX93 Reception Recordings

Trail for BBC Shop-Liz Francis interviews Chris Thorby-from 648 kHz May 1982

World Service possibly Jan 1977

WS 50th anniversary

WS a la Weekending-at a time of great change

John Touhey reads poems for xmas 1985

Keith Bosley reads poems for xmas 1985

P Shoesmith reads Dickens Dec 1985

Queens Christmas Speech 1993

National Anthems

New Year 1986

New Year 1987 Keith Bosley

Radio Moscow ident

Charles and Diana comedy wedding vows